Expressive Arts Program

The Expressive Arts (EXA) Healing Program is designed for the participant-models of the Expressive Arts Runway Show, who are women healing from cancer. The EXA Healing Program includes 7 Weekly Group Sessions that begins approximately 8-weeks prior to the date of the Expressive Arts Runway Show.

During the EXA Healing Program, we explore questions related to the cancer journey. We use the creative and expressive arts to understand answers to these questions. You’ll have the opportunity to include your expressions during the Survivorship Show.

We’ll also prepare for the Fashion Show each week, where we’ll cover fashion-style mini-seminars, group and individual wardrobe coaching, and the fashion show rehearsals. Because there are a lot of details to coordinate, we ask participants commit to the dates of the program.


If you are a woman with a cancer diagnosis in your lifetime and wish to learn more or to participate in Future Expressive Arts Runway Shows, click here

Visit the Expressive Arts Runway Show

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